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Glass Options

Dual Pane Windows

  Our windows are all dual-glazed, which means  that there is two pieces of glass joined by spacer. This provides you with more energy efficiency windows when paired with Lowe366. The special coating provides a protection against those hot summers, allowing you to save money on your cooling bills.

What's Lowe 366?

    We use Cardinal LoĒ³-366,we believe in using only high quality in our windows and for that reason we choose in using Cardinal Glass. LoE366 provides any home with lower cooling cost during the summer.

  LoĒ³-366 has been specially fabricated to reject the sun’s heat without affecting your view. It lets more light in and keeps more heat out. During the winter it is also very helpful because it doesn't allow any heat to escape your home.

  There is many great reasons to choose LoE366, so we know when you buy your windows you will be very happy and confident in knowing you got the best quality choice.

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